Hunters GC Narrative

In this world, the moment when you open your eyes is when you are truly born.
In this world, your eyes define you.
In this world, you must live with your name, or die by it.

Man lives underground – in a city within a cavern. There is no contact with the surface, no contact with other cities. It was cut when they journeyed into the earth to escape a catastrophe. Man is alone in this metropolis. And yet, even within this city – the only known human colony left – the old ways of hate still thrive.

The Hunters is the name given to those who have coloured eyes. They are hated and despised by their fellow man, and yet it is a Hunter’s duty to protect them. A Hunter can live forever – they do not age, and the only way they are allowed to be released from their immortality is to die in the line of duty. Perhaps these are some of the reasons they are so hated. Or are there deeper, darker secrets that exist above the surface?


This story is the narrative that accompanies my game concept (GC for short) Hunters.  I’m developing the two in conjunction with each other, using the events I have set out for the game to drive the narrative.  Sometimes the game won’t deliver the emotions or depth I envisage in my head.  By creating this narrative, it fulfills my need for the audience to become closer with the characters and the depth I want to dive to.



1Violet Eyes

2The Manor

3The Twins


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