I said something the other day to a friend in a conversation that resounded deeply within me.

” All of my dreams are not possible in this reality, as things currently are

Not even in the future can they become reality.

So I make them real by writing, and hoping one day they’ll become more than just words.”

Writing to me is dreaming.  Putting myself in shoes that cannot be filled in this life, exploring parts of myself and others in situation that are not possible.  And sometimes to escape this reality that can be, at times, so harsh.  This is why I write in the science fiction, fantasy and paranormal/supernatural genres.  Some dreams that have visited me in the night have become the basis of quite a few of the stories you can read here.  But enough babble.

Enjoy the places I want to take you, the people I wish you to meet and the situations I want to walk you through.



Tuning lyre’s strings for the legendary tales…

  • Bonds of Blood
  • Days of Might & Magic
  • DragonLore
  • Hime-less
  • Lament of the Two Trees
  • Worldreaver

Science Fiction

Hunters (narrative for game concept)
Chapter (1)(2)

Still entering the data for…

  • KING (narrative for game concept)
  • Exception (narrative for game concept)


Preparing the ritual to conjure…

  • Angelus
  • Blood Gods
  • Shinigami Daze

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