Secrets of the Campaign

On Wednesday 27 May, I attended an hour’s talk about how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The speaker was a fellow that had wanted his campaign to earn $4000 and ended up getting around $20 000.  Good credentials and practical knowledge of the subject.

I realised not long ago that doing a Kickstarter campaign was 1) a lot of work during the campaign’s lifespan (30 days is recommended) and 2) a lot of preparation work was needed to give yourself the best chance of being successful.  This talk reiterated that fact, with one major distinction.

The speaker’s campaign was no doubt aided by an existing customer base and a reputation in the area his campaign’s product was going to end up in.  This is vastly different to my own circumstance.  But I did learn about the kind of preparation work I needed to complete before running a campaign.

What I need is to build a niche – a market, if you will, for my game.  The more I build this, get people to see the game and realise that it’s a physical work in progress – the better.  And that this process will take months of advertising, networking, spamming the places where the fans of the JRPG genre would be lurking, twittering, Facebook, Youtubing, everything PR!

During question time, I even managed to pluck up the courage (despite my anxiety going askdhgkajshjawhkjadfhka at me) to ask a question about my particular situation.  His answer: build this niche, build a brand, let people see what you’re doing.

So that’s what I’m going to do.  Social media and website ahoy!

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