TLQ: One Physical Step…

I returned home, not feeling very re-energised but certainly glad I was.  And for the first time, I knew where I was heading and what needed to be done.

Down in Melbourne and even a little before, I had started creating a website for the game – to post updates, progress reports, information about the game.  Now was the time to really crank it up.

Within a week, I had created and added graphics to it (though still having a small problem over implementing some page header graphics).  And the next, information about the game, its story and characters in it.

Ta da!  Here’s the first alpha-version of the website:

What I need to do now is add content.  With that, I have a friend helping me.  Ironically, he saw the first iteration of Hunters, all those years ago, back when it started its existence as a forum roleplay.  What content you ask?  Well, posts about the characters and the art that’s been produced already, screenshots of the development, videos of the development, how this game developed from its humble beginnings, the influences it had on it – are all in the works (and are being written alongside this one).

That’s just one avenue I’m working on.  The other is the game development itself.

It’s been a while since our graphic designer went MIA so, with some reluctance and hesitation, I had to step up. This just added another role to the ones I am already doing.  I sincerely wish I could split myself into three people – all with a shared conscious – and each perform a role.  That would be cool but also very bizarre.  I wonder if a human brain could handle that.  Hrm.  Crazy idea for another time.

So far I’ve created mockups for the start screen/main menu and the dialogue user interface.  I posted both of these up in my personal Facebook to receive some feedback, and the team.  Feedback is always good, but I have to constantly remind myself that I needn’t take on everything that was said, and not to take it personally.  That can be a bit of a struggle with the depression shadow lurking, ever present, but doing this – working on my game – I haven’t felt this good in a very very long time.

My next steps are to implement the start screen and dialogue UI into the Unity file we’ve got going.  Unfortunately my programming guy has end of semester exams for university so I won’t be seeing him for a few weeks (though I wish him the best of luck!).  But I’m seeing this as an opportunity to learn myself about Unity and be physically developing instead of always planning.

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