TLQ: The Hunters Progress…

The game is progressing.

There is a physical version of Hunters kicking around on the Trello board my team and I are using.  We’re up to version 0.0.6 at the moment.  I’m a bit of a stickler for versions.  I don’t mind having oodles of them because you can always go back and start from an earlier version in case you stuff something up badly.  The programming guy is doing fantastically and is coming up with interesting solutions for the requests I put to him.

A basic version of the dialogue system is working so far and we’ve just begun adding the action choices (options the player can choose to mold the playable character) to the version.  As the lovely programmer is doing this project in addition to his studies and my lull during December and January, it’s been a bit of a slow process.  But that’s okay.  We’re working together on it now, and hopefully he’s gaining as much experience working on this as I am running it and providing him with the information he needs.

Three characters have been finalised into artwork.  One more is at the concept and positioning stage.  These images will be used for media purposes as well as profile images in-game for dialogue and statistic screens.  It’s really exciting seeing the development these characters have made from the images I drew inspiration from to the forms they have now.  I had a fan-girl moment the first time I saw Kyra come to visual life.  The character artist I hired has the right style and is willing to change anything I ask for (which is not much because she gets it almost spot-on first try).  I try to provide references when I don’t feel I can explain what I want well enough.  This probably helps her process.

There is a bit of a snag with the character portraits, however.  Each portrait is costing me $100 USD (which I don’t mind paying because her quality is amazing, the requests I make of her she does, she produces the portraits quicker than I need and she provides me with all the source files).  I’m quickly running out of money.

What I plan to do to remedy this situation is create a Kickstarter campaign to aid me in the production of these portraits (and hopefully, eventually, the game itself).  That will be talked about in another post.

What I can do at the moment though is:

  • Continue to work with the programmer refining the dialogue system and action choices
  • Start creating images for the user interface for the programming to integrate
  • Continue to work with the character artist, paying her as best I can for the moment
  • Update the design document to reflect the new changes and portraits
  • START THE PROJECT PLAN FOR THE GAME (yes, I’ve been procrastinating like a pro on this one)
  • Finish the profiles for the last two characters and add them to Trello (I have a nice juicy dark red to-do on HabitRPG for these that are going to give me soooo much experience and gold when I tick them off)
  • Keep up-to-date with Trello and the interactions of the team there

Seems like a lot and it is, but gotta plough through it all.  Motivation++!

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