TLQ: Searching for a Voivode of Visuals

After procrastinating about this for months and months, I bit the bullet.  After a post of a fellow guildie in the Game Designers (HabitRPG) about getting some art done for his game, I finally had a place where I could post up a job for the character art I wanted done for Hunters:

Up went the job and then wondered if I could get anyone.  Did I make the requirements too detailed or too complex?  I tried to make it detailed but clear on what I wanted.  There was a specific style I envisaged.  It had been difficult searching for someone that had quality and that style.

Well, I really needn’t of worried about no one responding to the ad.  That definitely was not the problem.


The problem was there were too many!  How was I going to get through all of these and respond?!  It took me a while to get myself together to start on the madness that invaded my clean inbox, but I had to some time.  As I went through them, I started to understand how an employer feels when they put up a job ad and people respond to it willy-nilly.

Some clearly didn’t read the ad, instead just emailing me their work and a generic email.  Others made half an effort to try, but I could feel they were thinking it was a long shot.  Few piqued my interest and I started gathering a shortlist of prospective candidates.

Then I came across one email.  I had referenced Persona artwork in my advertisement as the style I was wanting to emulate, and this person responded with the name of Persona’s main character artist in it without me having mentioned it.  Someone that knew Persona!  Or had at least taken the effort to find out the artist for the series.  So I wandered over to their portfolio and lo-and-behold, the first artwork I gaze upon is a gorgeous drawing of the main protagonist in the upcoming Persona 5 unleashing his powers.  Amazed, I kept scrolling and found picture after picture of beautiful artworks.  It was then I knew this was the one.

We’ve been corresponding by email (as I’m in Australia and she’s in Russia) and so far things have been great!  Three characters has been done completely, and one more is in the works as I write this post.

So may I introduce to you: Kiguri, official character artist of Hunters!

Here is her tumblr:  Have a look at her gorgeous work.

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