TLQ: Searching for Profitable Profession

As much as I love doing my Hunters game, it’s not earning me any money at the moment (need to fund this goal somehow).  If you’ve read some of my other TLQ posts, I’m currently living with my parents to help with their health and financial situations.  However, it’s been long enough; they’re somewhat stable and it’s become detrimental to my mental and emotional health to the point where I cannot function well in their presence.

Meeting with the wise wizard (the counsellor) has helped immensely.  She helped me see why I’m stuck with what I’m unable to forge through: the inability to be assertive with my parents, intense anxiety and depression associated with job-hunting and issues to do with my past.

The latest session focused on the soul-shattering anxiety and depression I experience when I go job hunting.  Those dark feelings of worthlessness wash over me and suck me into a black ocean rip, taking me further and further out to sea as I flail around helplessly, trying to get back to shore.  It is the biggest reason why I haven’t progressed in my job hunt.  Previously, I would get swallowed by such a deep depression by merely searching through job websites.  There were (and still are) so many jobs I think I can do, but there was always something that blocked me from doing it: the ever-present “experience” requirement, some qualification that I didn’t have (that I would like to do, but cannot afford it), etc.  Even writing about it makes me feel rather melancholy.

But after discussing and dissecting these issues (which all seem to be connected to each other – joy…) with the wise wizard, I’ve started, in earnest, searching again.  My mental resilience has improved dramatically since the last time I tried job-hunting, and I’m working hard at my Hunters concept to keep my motivation up.  Mind you, doing this has added another mountain of work on top of my Everest for Hunters and other projects already.  I think I’ve just set myself trekking across the Himalayas in terms of workload.  Oh well.  Keeping myself busy helps me not get depressed.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.  I’ve updated my resume to add all the experience I’ve acquired since my last foray.  As for the layout and format, I’m unsure on how it should be done. Not to mention how I should say what I’ve done.  I’ve been researching and have read so many conflicting statements on what people should do or should not do.  Honestly, it’s all become very jumbled and confusing.  Hitting a wall like this, not having a clear way to progress slows me down significantly.  It gives me an excuse to give up.  But I’ll plug along nonetheless!  I’ll do my best customising my resume and apply for jobs that I feel like I’ll have no chance with (my depression saying that, not really me… well… maybe a little bit of me saying that too) and think laterally about the experience I’ve gained from doing Hunters, my gaming years and shadowing.

What I will need to do before that, however, is update my profiles on various websites like LinkedIn.  Hopefully my modified and updated resume should aid me in doing this.

I could use all the support I can get so any you can spare would help a lot.  Thank you.


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  1. davejamesashton

    Is the picture from the bank in Teladrassil? It makes me feel homesick a bit.

    When are you heading back down to Melbourne mate? That two month period should give you a good time to clear your head, but will it mess things up a bit if you have a job sorted out by then?

    I remember reading somewhere that recommended that if you have everything the position needs except for experience, that you should still apply. Worse that happens is that you don’t get the job – which is exactly what happens if you don’t apply. Talk up all the other bits that show why you’d be perfect for it. I’ve no idea where I read that, so no clue how convincing it is as “I heard on the internet” isn’t exactly a rock solid recommendation.

    Does either the Quest Giver or the Wise Wizard do CV writing, or have you had anyone else look at yours? A few years ago I shelled out about $150 for a “professional” re-write of mine, as I hate all the buzz words and all that crap. After a few back-and-forths I was happy with it, but when it finally came time to use it I recoiled in horror when I re-read it before submitting it – my eyes had glazed over when I received it back from them, and I didn’t notice the piss poor language choice and repetitive use of some words in the same sentence. I gutted it and fixed it, and while looking back at what she originally did it wasn’t fantastic, it did force me to look at it with new eyes. You don’t need to go to the extreme of paying that much for it, but maybe get a friend to have a look and give suggestions perhaps.

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    1. Retridemption

      Yeah I think it is. Chose it for that reason. It is nostalgic.

      The 3-4 weeks down in Melbourne will start on 13 April. I’m hoping during that time to apply for jobs for down in Melbourne as well as in Brisbane. It seems there’s more opportunities for jobs in my area down there than there is in QLD. I’m also going to try and take full advantage of the internet down there and learn all about Blender, Unity and C# because I’m taking my desktop’s tower with me.

      As for the resume, I did have one professionally done about two years ago (I think, I’m not really good with time). But things have changed so much and I dislike it now. It’s very cluttered and not clean at all. So I’m redoing it from scratch. Albeit it’s a slow and quite depressing job, I’m still getting through it.


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