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As you know, I use a productivity website called HabitRPG.  I’ve made many posts on how I use the website to help my productivity, with specific advice on how I organise, record and keep progress of my numerous projects.  This helps me reward myself for each step I take, regardless of size.  I cannot trumpet the success I’ve had with this website enough.

This success has instilled enough confidence in myself to volunteer for the position of guild leader for the Game Designers guild some months ago.  My sense of being a guild leader has been cultured by the years spent on World of Warcraft.  I take this position seriously.  At the time I became leader, the guild was mostly inactive.  There was maybe someone talking once a week.  Now, however, there’s a post almost every day.  I can contribute this success to some of the newer members in the guild (who are very active and are willing to share their triumphs and hurdles) as well as the challenge I created called Screenshot Sunday.

Screenshot Sunday is a monthly accountability challenge where the participants are required to show visual evidence (screen captures, screenshots, videos, photos, drawings, gifs) of the work they’ve done of their game concept each week.  The rules are simple; every picture posted to guild has to be unique and not submitted previously.  What the picture shows can be anything: from lines of dialogue or code, to sketches of characters or weapons, to screenshots of user interfaces or game mechanics.

Currently, we’re in our 3rd iteration of the challenge; starting in November last year, taking a break for the holiday season (December and some of January), starting up again mid-January to end of February and now in March.

I love observing the progress made by the guild members participating but I began worrying that the pictures of their development would be lost to cyberspace if there wasn’t some sort of record of them.  Thus the Game Designers Guild blog was born.  Those willing post up their picture and most have even taken it upon themselves to give a commentary on what’s happening with their concept.  I believe it’s important for themselves as developers to track their progress, hear feedback from the public and grow an interest base.  Not to mention these posts might end up being valuable information to any prospective investors or employers interested in the developer.

Please support my fellow developers in their endeavours and let them hear any advice or constructive feedback you have about their games.  We all want to get better and by letting ourselves be a bit vulnerable, we hope to improve.

Game Designers Guild blog

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  1. davejamesashton

    I’ve been reading along, but I hadn’t been dropping any comments. I’ll try and make the time to do so today (at least in the ones where I feel competent commenting) so that they know there’s a larger audience than all of you just talking to each other about your projects

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