TLQ: Weapon Check!

The situation at the moment

For me:

  • Got the logo for my ‘Retridemption’ brand made as you can see! I edited it to go onto Twitter, Facebook and here. Not really happy with the website header but I honestly can’t think of how to improve it. It’ll have to do for now.
  • Made a decision with my partner about our living arrangements. We decided to save up for a house as we’d rather buy one than rent. In the current climate, rent is super high and it would be the same amount as repayments on a modest house. Sick of being in limbo.
  • Went and saw the questgiver (aka my life coach) for the first time in a long time. Talking to her makes me feel so much better and we talk about stuff that heads me in the right direction.


For Hunters:

  • Set up a trello board and added a heap of information to it for the team!
  • Got a logo made for the game (coming soon)
  • Created a list of maps needed for the team
  • Added the profiles of the Surface Hunters to the boards
  • Started the first sprint of the project to the boards (I’m using a version of Agile project management here to help me figure this out), which includes:
    • The dialogue system
    • Start splash screen
    • Dialogue graphics
    • Hunters theme song
    • 3D map of the Hunter Manor’s library and mess hall (I drew some concept art for it, which is saying something because it’s the first time in about 8 years I’ve seriously drawn. They didn’t turn out so bad either – so people keep saying)




What I’m currently doing:

  • Writing dialogue for events
  • Writing chapters for the Hunters narrative
  • Drawing the outer entrance of the Hunter Manor
  • Drawing the ground floor foyer of the Hunter Manor
  • Creating an Agile project plan for Hunters demo project
  • Researching for a business plan/finding a template
  • Adding the Manor Hunter profiles to Trello
  • Adding the Angels profiles to Trello
  • Checking out the first version of the game posted up in our team forums

So much to do!

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