TLQ: Call to Arms – A Success!

Let the horns trumpet the success of this call to arms!

Yes, I got people to join with me.  After the gallivanting adventure around all those universities and posting up the ad on Twitter and Facebook, my inbox received quite a few emails from interested parties.  At first, it was only responses from the social media ad but eventually I received some from the locals. Even found one via when I was looking for someone to design and make the game’s logo. Ha ha, it’s strange how you find all these people.

So now I have a team, I need a place where we can talk, design and develop. I’ve done team stuff before and voluntary communication over the Internet is not something that comes naturally from what I’ve experienced. It’s a lot like trying to draw blood from stone. But with our team’s current situation, being from all over the globe, it is our only means of communications. Creating a forum was normally what I’d do but I don’t think it would suit our situation, with all the files that may need transferring. So I took a hint from the HabitRPG developers and used Trello.

Trello is like a pinboard of cards that a group of people can edit, add attachments to and write comments on.  It has a nice feature that alerts you when you’re mentioned in a comment or card when they use your username with an @ at the front.  Unfortunately Trello changed their alert system when we were just starting out so its hard to keep track of updates because it doesn’t always give a notification now.

Have a gander at what it looks like:


Now we’re working on the game.  Yay!

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  1. snellopy

    I am very glad to hear tha the first .exe was made mate, did you have a chance to run it yet? Did it live up to your expectations or was it even better?

    If there’s anything I can do to help you out mate, just let me know. Not that I have any skills in game design, graphic art or anything else. I am slowly going through chapter one of Hunters making notes but every time I open it, an email slams in with something that was due yesterday so I am only up to page 4 of 18 for chapter one.

    Very interesting to see a screenie of your Trello setup. When did you last look at the Habit setup? They now have at least 4 public boards, the main one, the pixel art one, the quest one, and mobile. If you’ve only seen one or two, then you could check out the others for any more ideas.

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    1. Retridemption

      I haven’t looked at the .exe yet. Apparently the guy who hosted it, put it in Google Docs which has a limit on how many times someone could download it. So hopefully he’s going to change it to Dropbox or something.

      The notes on Hunters would be much appreciated. Take your time.

      Haven’t seen the HabitRPG boards lately. What we’ve got at the moment seems to be working though. So far. I keep fiddling with it.


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