TLQ: Boss Encounter 2 – Phantom of the Hunters Narrative

Here comes a new boss.  The Phantom of the Hunters Narrative!


His HP will go down when I complete these objectives:

  • Write a whole chapter

But what’s the chapter based on?  Well there are:

  • 28 main storyline events
  • 19 side-story/character development events

Now what are these events worth in terms of assigning them a chapter?

  • 19 side-stories @ 1.5 chapters each = 28.5.  Let’s round up to 29 chapters.
  • 28 game events = 28 events.  But, the first 2 events are in chapter 1, and the next 3 are in chapter 2.  So recalculating = 25 chapters.

That’s a lot.  Ha ha, oh well.  Okay, now for each chapter, I’m assigning 40 HP – 10HP for intro, 20HP for middle and 10HP for end.  That is:

  • 29 + 25 = 54 chapters
  • 54 chapters x 40 HP = 2160 HP

Let’s round it up to 2200 for anything that wasn’t foreseen.  He’s tougher than the game dialogue boss!

Actually, I’ll let you into a secret.  If I write a chapter/make an attack on this boss, it makes writing the game dialogue/making an attack on the game dialogue boss sooooooooooooooo much easier.  Hence the discrepancy between their HP pools.

I’ve written 3 whole chapters and am halfway through the fourth.  So that’s 3.5 x 40 = 140 HP.

So here’s the current boss status.


HP: 2060/2200 (93.6%)

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