TLQ: Call to Arms!

So far I’ve been alone on this quest of mine (with the exception of the questgiver of course).

This has changed.  But where should I start telling you about this call to arms?  Well, I guess I could start with the physical journeying I did.

On Monday 28th July, my partner (who graciously accompanied me) and I drove around to all the universities in two of the cities I live near to put up this poster:


It was a day and a half, I’ll tell you that now.  Started at 5am and finished around 9pm (we attended a Unity developer meetup at 5pm and had to drive an hour and a half home after that – read details in the previous post!).  A 380km journey all up.  We were like zombies the next day.  I’ve had two bites from the universities and from my own (so proud!).

Next, I used this poster and posted it up on Facebook and Twitter.



I got so many people emailing, commenting and twittering that it felt like a full time job!  Things are settling down now and I think I’m at the stage where I actually have to make a place for everyone to work in.  That’s my next job.

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    1. Retridemption

      Actually, the last people to jump on board with the game were the locals. I decided to go out and try the Internet. Facebook and Twitter yielded the best results. It may be going out on a limb, but it’s a start nonetheless.


    1. Retridemption

      I think it’s more a leap of faith. Hoping these people would be as excited for the project, or wanted experience to help them. I don’t have any illusions about people leaving or not doing what they said they might do. But hopefully it’ll be an interesting project that’ll keep people interested.


    1. Retridemption

      True but a lot of people want paying first. I don’t mind accepting someone with no experience, because this is my first rodeo too when it comes to making a complete game (have done levels and bits and pieces before but not a whole, releasable product). If they’re willing to learn and willing to join me, then I have no reason to say no.

      I might be a bit idealist in that respect. I like it though.


  1. parjude

    This was the grass route way to go. Most people don’t get the jobs listed in the newspaper, or, I suspect, from LinkedIn, so your media route was appropriate, and the poster short, sweet, to the point and how to contact you. I stuck it up on Facebook here, with a “pass it on” note. You may get some contacts, even if your team is full. It’s always nice to have more contacts. Maybe even some other girl gamers

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