TLQ: Meeting Other TLQers

This past week I took two major steps towards my legendary quest.  This post is about meeting other people who are on their own legendary quests.


Despite all my introverted and anxiety-riddled thoughts, I attended two meetups using  The first one was about Unity, the game engine.  I didn’t know what to expect and it was in a slightly scary part of the city so I took my partner along with me.  When we arrived at the place we were going to have this meeting, I was shocked.  There were so many people!  I honestly didn’t expect that many people to be there.  Scary~  Unfortunately, I caved to my anxiety and just stuck to my partner’s side.  Everyone seemed to congregate to their little groups that they either came with or knew.  Kinda wish they had a small meet-and-greet activity (there was time for it too) before we had the presentation.  Maybe this was the reason for the free pizza and drinks.  Pity I had had dinner before this (though I don’t regret what I ate – chicken, bacon, garlic, chili with a tomato base on linguine.  Even typing this combination out is making my mouth water).

So the presentation, which was the purpose of the meetup, was about Unity and the journey of the presenter using it.  Even though I haven’t used Unity before, I still understood what he was talking about.  It turned out to be really informative, and he even provided a link to his presentation for future reference for us.

The second meetup I attended, by myself this time, was a small game developer/CG artist group.  And when I mean small, it was three people versus about 50 for the Unity meetup.  I liked this situation much better and I came out of my shell a lot more.  We discussed games and what we were developing.  It was only the second meetup for this particular group so it wasn’t as structured as the Unity one.  It could definitely use it though.  It needed direction.  And the three others that were there didn’t really bring anything to show.  I commented that next time we should bring our projects and show each other what we’re doing and maybe even keep each other motivated (though it may be asking a bit much for these fellas).

But because of these two meetups, I now am not only watching my own legendary quest unfold in front of me as I walk towards it, I’m also watching others too.  And that gives me a lot of motivation.

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  1. parjude

    Meetings should always have agendas and a leader who will direct attention to the agenda, else it’s a free-floating goes-nowhere mess…that’s your second group: you made a good decision to say what you did at the end. (The free-floating meetings have their uses, usually to create synergy and a shared effort to solving a problem). You were there to learn and share with your peers. Here’s the hard part: if the group continues to lack structure, what should you do? If the group is waiting for someone to do the heavy lifting…you can volunteer, but don’t expect any help. You could start your own group of CG: advertise online or (what do you do these days? Flyers? An ad in the paper? A visit to a campus?) and start from scratch by stating the agenda and expectations. Use the KISS Principle (Keep it simple, stupid). Meet and greet, a little bit from each person of what they want to get out of the group meetings and what they are willing to share. If people are going to be proprietary about what they are willing to share, let them say so at the start…this may not be a group for them. I suspect, however, that most people into the early experience with CG are quite likely to share their work because they are proud of it (& no matter how bad, don’t openly criticize: make positive suggestions). If you are serious about your work and art, you will not shy from critiques (synonym: positive criticism via positive suggestions), you will seek them out. And if someone copies your style, it may be irritating, but it’s a form of flattery. If they copy your work…plagarism, law-suit, not a form of flattery. You also don’t want to burden yourself or others with too frequent meetings…once a month. This also increases the chance that the agenda will be followed. Decide how badly you want to meet other CG people–badly enough to start your own group, or stay with the one you’ve already met.

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    1. Retridemption

      I’m not shy about stepping up in a group as small as the game developer one. I was secretary for a university club so I have experience in running meetings, taking notes, etc. It’s more about broaching the subject with the others as I am not the leader or creator of the group. Probably best to modify what the group is doing, as it’s still in its infant stages of being a good meetup.


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