TLQ: Boss Encounter – The Dreaded Dialogue of the Hunters

Ah yes.  If you’ve been reading for some time you would have seen this adversary mulling around.  Now it’s time to face her head-on!

So how am I going to defeat this chick?  Well, her HP will go down when I complete these objectives:

  • Find/make a template for storyboards for the cinematic parts
  • Find/make a template for the non-interactive dialogue
  • Find/make a template for the interactive/NPC dialogue that changes depending on event

And then there is the multitude of events and their sub-parts that actually need to be written.

  • 6 >1min (long) cinematic animations
  • 6 <1min (short) cinematic animations
  • 102 non-interactive dialogue sequences
  • 54 (at the minimum) interactive dialogue situations

All up that’s 171 objectives.  Now what are these worth in terms of HP?

  • Template finding = 1 HP each = 3HP total
  • Long cinematic = 10 HP each = 60 HP total
  • Short cinematic = 5 HP each = 30 HP total
  • Non-interactive dialogue = 5 HP each = 510 HP total
  • Interactive dialogue = 7 HP each = 378 HP total

Total boss HP = 981 HP.  Let’s round it up to 1000 for some events I may not have foreseen.  That’s one tough lady.

Now, I’ve completed two long cinematic storyboard sequences and one non-interactive dialogue section.  Ahhhh, that’s not much at all now.  Only 28 points.  But it’s a start.

So here’s the current boss status.


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  1. parjude

    Ahhh, you’ve eaten a few forkfuls of the elephant in the room. Sometimes, when I puzzled and puzzled over my simulation models, I’d find the answer when I was either relaxing, sleeping (naps are good), or involved in something else entirely. Some part of your brain continues to problem-solve when you are not working on the problem: believe it or not, but that’s how I came to understand statistical variance. I was sleeping when the fire alarm went off outside my dorm room door…but I’m a heavy sleeper: Fleeting dream: “Variance is bell. Variance is bell.” Ok, fire alarm, get up, grab the robe, head out the fire escape and….”Oh, yeah, variance is bell. It’s randomly distributed over a Bell curve! I got it!!!!!” (That was good, since all my friends in statistics class had decided that I would be their go-to person, a burden I did not ask for.). We all passed and I went on to a graduate area in statistics and methods. So take a breather or a nap when you can’t see the problem straight…back off, and you may find the solution will come forth. Above all, maintain a sense of humor!

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    1. Retridemption

      Hee hee, thanks. I shall. And thank you for the encouragement. ^.^

      it helped last night when I wrote a funny part of the Hunters storyline. I hadn’t written much on it in yonks so it helped get that blockage out.


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