TLQ: Checking over the Quest Log

Sometimes I think I’m focusing on my Hunters goal more than I should be.  I have the job and move out goals coming up soon, but I haven’t worked on them much, if at all.  I need to revise where I’m at.  It’s hard to do anything without the resources I need, and unfortunately that’s mainly the internet.  Where I live, at the moment, the internet is just atrocious.  Drops in and out all the time, and it’s not actually through cable, but through something called Wireless Broadband.  We only get 8GB a month.  With that limit, plus sharing it with a business, I am unable to watch any videos lest I put us over the limit and it relegates to snail pace.  Not to mention everything seems to be videos when you want to learn something these days.

As for checking my quest log, I need to revisit the list of my goals and their deadlines (otherwise my questgivers just might vanish after the due date!).  Gotta know where I’m heading and what I need to focus on, right?

Quest Deadline
Hunters dialogue complete August 12, 2014
Kickstarter campaign started August 18, 2014
Hunters game design doc complete August 31, 2014
Update programming skills (HTML, CSS, C++, C, C#, Javascript, Angular JS) + examples to show September 22, 2014
I want a job November 31, 2014
I want to move out of my parents December 25, 2014
Hunters game published January 1, 2024
I want to work for Atlus January 1, 2024
Publish each concept January 1, 2024


Plus this due on August 5, 2014.


Wow, this looks like a lot.  *knees buckle*  But… must… plough… through… it.  At least I feel more focused.  Now to check my task lists.  *wanders off to get lost in a mountain of paper*

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  1. @Pangeran Wiguan

    I understand your feeling about the wireless broadband.
    I’m on wireless broadband too and capped at 5GB only. Even worst.
    But I’ve found a workaround with it and find the best deal.
    Now, I’ve used up more than 200GB of data downloads per month with connection speed of around 1Mbps.
    Most of the data goes to anime, and then the second largest usage if tutorial videos.
    Yeah, tutorial videos.
    Nowadays, less and less people write a post with screenshots for tutorials.

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    1. Retridemption

      Yes. I already have someone working on one character. One of my next to-dos is to search out some more people that either be interested in joining the team or interested in doing work for commission.


        1. Retridemption

          Both. I need some 2D art for the portraits when characters talk to each other, and I also need 3D models for the actual game/gameplay. Though I have some experience in making 3D models, I might be learning a lot more in the future if there’s a deficiency in that area.


  2. parjude

    Rotten internet connection and limits, AND a mountain of paper lists to accomplish? Welcome to the Millennial World! Actually, it resembles my first summer after college. No stereo, no car, entry level union part-time job, loan applications for grad school, living with the parental units (I was privileged at college to experience the internet of 1969: the old defense net that was the forerunner for all. Watched the connection to Dartmouth College, all of about 100 miles away). But when you are going through this stage, you think you are the only one: NOT true, everyone goes through it to some extent or another. Some will tell you that you have entered the realms of the “real world”. NO! You’ve always been in the real world only now you beginning to have a larger effect upon it. And if it seems as though everything is going haywire and you can’t afford the access, programs, etc., which you want, well you have a choice: keep what you have, or be creative and find a way to get what you want. I was the creative type and found ways, whether charging for my class notes, tutoring, selling my art (I’m shameless at direct sales), and took part-time jobs. Where there is a will, there is a way: so far you are doing quite well. How many people need snippets of code, or advice on a topic with which you are familiar? Charge for consulting. Look for those sorts of opportunities. And remember to put the computer connection needs in your Kickstarter proposal…and if that means renting a room in an office to get the fastest connection…do that too. But whatever, keep the process in perspective, and go step by step. The more you do this, the better you get at estimating the time and materials you need. And you would not be doing this if you thought you could not do it, therefore I’m sure you can get it done in the steps you’ve set down.

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