TLQ: The Questgiver is on Schedule?

Time for my questgiver to mysteriously appear again during night-time. She’s elusive like that, only appearing during the night and only in the same spot every time.  (Haha, what I’m meaning is that we meet up at the same time in the same place every two weeks).  This time I was armed to the teeth with results, results that weren’t really results but tangents that, in time, would end up results and then there were non-results.

But as she came in and sat down, we got to talking and as usual, our conversation went in all sorts of directions.  I’m terrible at remembering everything that happens (I really really should record our conversations so I can go over them later).   I seem to go into complete absorb mode, but because everything goes by so fast, it doesn’t have time to sink in.  I’m sure I showed her what I managed to get accomplished, which was a lot considering I sank into the MMORPG abyss for four or five days.  Giving myself a little pat on the back there because I did crawl out of the hole all by myself.

Anyway, we came to the subject of routine.  Possibly my worst enemy, with the exception of being woken in the early morning.

This is me when I've been woken up before my alarm goes off.

This is me when I’ve been woken up before my alarm goes off.

Run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~

But yes, the problem of those late nights, all-nighters, all-dayers and more was becoming a hindrance to my productivity and creativity.  To make it worse, I hate it when I confine myself to doing something at a certain time.  It does feel like confinement too.  I want to be loosey-goosey, free to do what I want when it comes to me.  However, if I want to make Hunters and my other concepts a reality, I just may have to compromise and stick with a schedule.

After discussing those points above, we went through each time period and what I would want to do in those, writing down what I then agreed to do.  Here’s what it ended up looking like:


It was then I realised that the list there isn’t much different to what I was already doing.  The only exception was the time I did them at.  Let me tell you – it was quite a revelation.  It made it seem somewhat possible that I could get a good night’s sleep (hopefully with dreams included), energy to accomplish what I needed to do that day and time to play games or write.  I agreed to try this new routine out for a fortnight and see how it goes.

But even after she left and I drove home (no mount/car drama this time!), I’m still apprehensive about it and about handling outings or diverts from the main schedule.  All of this is in preparation to tackle my first boss – the game dialogue.

Current quest: Adhering to a new schedule

Boss Encounter: Game Dialogue

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  1. Pangeran Wiguan @ WG Creative Solutions

    I’ll always wanted to understand this literature of yours that goes by the name “quest giver”.
    But nevertheless, you have an awesome mindset to have this “quest giver” existed.
    For me it’s my ancestor that I’ve been dying to reach to.

    Btw, talking about confinement, I have a lot of freedom now except sometimes I have to go for a class (teaching music). Other days, I will stay up until 3am – 4am to do some creative works.

    I don’t know why, during this late night, most of other creative people I chat with, they agree is the most productive time for them too.

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    1. Retridemption

      This questgiver (for now) is a real person. She is a life coach, someone that is helping me get what I want in life. A personal cheerleader if you will. The questgiver may change if ever I don’t need her assistance but for now, she is a tangible person.

      I think night is a great time to be creative because there aren’t as many distractions and interruptions as during the night time. In the silence you can think and imagine on the black sky’s blank canvas the worlds you want to create and the characters you wish to meet.


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