TLQ: My Mount is a Drama Llama

Well, he is.  As I found out when I drove home from the meeting with my life coach.  Just as I was on the home stretch, a trail of white smoke appeared from the back of my car.  I could see it in my rear vision mirror.  Oi vey…

The next morning I rang a tow-truck to take my poor car into town to the mechanic.  When I told him about what had happened, he informed me that it could be the cylinders that are the trouble. It didn’t sound good.  So I left it with him.  Two hours later, I received a phone call.  The mechanic told me the problem was the fuel injectors getting jammed on.  Huzzah!  That was much more manageable than cylinders not working properly.  And even better, they managed to fix it by the end of that day.  Yay!

One crisis resolved.  Now what remained was working on goals before the next life coach meeting.  I admit that when I looked at what I had to do before the next meeting, I thought I’d taken on too much.  Especially with the weekend I was about to experience.  On Friday, going to my hometown’s show (it’s like a carnival with rides, showbags, animals, huge vegetables, fireworks, etc) and on Saturday, waking up at 5am to leave with my partner to go help out a friend and that evening, a buffet dinner and rugby league game with my parents and grandparents.  Just thinking about it overwhelmed me and I crawled into the MMORPG abyss for a few days.  So naughty.  I managed to draw myself out of it when I had the emotional and mental fortitude to handle life again.

Out of my hole and into the bright light, I had to research a few things.  First up was how to handle writing dialogue for a game.  Specifically, how to handle the same NPC saying different things depending on where the player was up to in the game.  It didn’t take me long to find a good template to use as a starting point.  I haven’t actually used it yet, so I can’t comment on how good it is, but when I do, I’ll let you all know.

Second on the research list was storyboards.  To start doing the dialogue of my Hunters concept, I had to start at the start – the very first event.  And the first thing a player will see when they play Hunters is a cinematic.  It’s a non-interactive animation so to plan it out, and sketch my vision, I needed storyboards.  It had been years since I used one and I had to refresh my knowledge of them, as well as find a suitable template.  That turned out to be more difficult than I predicted.  There are various types of storyboards and the template I had found didn’t suit my needs as a game designer.  So, using the one I had found as a basis, I made my own.  Here’s what they look like:


As you can see in that picture, I have already started on them. Soon I’ll be finished my vision for the first cinematic, and then I’ll be onto interactive environment dialogue – the harder test.

Last on the list to research was how to run a Kickstarter campaign. After explaining what Kickstarter was to my life coach, she encouraged me to look into it. And I have to say that the chance of me running a Kickstarter campaign is nudging the 100% mark. I didn’t want to sink my time into researching this at length, because I get myself lost in finding information (I love researching!). So I limited myself to only four pages of notes:





I gave myself the deadline of starting the campaign on the 18th of August (as I write this post, 25 days away).  It’s looming in the distance! But before I can do this, I need some assets – some concept art (1-2 pieces), a logo for Hunters and a video (because 80% of successful Kickstarter campaigns have a video).  The logo and concept art, I know somewhat I’m going to do for that.  As for the video, I’m stumped.  I don’t know if I have enough courage to do a first-person video type thing, but it may end up being my only option.

So I have all this research and the startings of getting into the nitty-gritty of the game dialogue for Hunters, I’m off to show my questgiver/life coach.  Let’s see what she thinks.

Current Quest: Show questgiver results of my research

Future Boss Encounter: Game dialogue

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