TLQ: Dramatic Return to the Questgiver

For the first time in a week, I had felt not sick.  Hurray!  And I was returning to the questgiver aka my life coach triumphant.  Double hurray!  I had done all what I said I was going to do and maybe even did more than necessary.  It was a feeling I hadn’t experienced in some time.  Furthermore, I was excited to show her all what I had done.

Our meeting place is about an hour and a half’s drive from where I live.  I’d finished having my dinner (delicious ramen! My mouth is watering just thinking about it *drools slightly*) and was driving to the meeting place when my mount starting shaking.  By mount, I mean my car.  It was shuddering and became even worse when I was slowing to a stop. Terrified I was about to break down, I took the tunnel to get across the city (and river that divided the city from south and north) without having to stop on a major highway.  It was also peak hour.  I did manage to get there, and a little late at that because the traffic lights were all in league with each other and telling me “Nope, you’re already late, so we’re going to make it worse.  Oh your car doesn’t like slowing down at the moment?  BAM!  RED LIGHT!”.  Isn’t it ironic when you’re running late, you get every red light and all the slow traffic?  Talk about rubbing salt into the wound.

Anyway, continuing.  After arriving and seeing my life coach, I sat down at the table.  We were outside (why outside, I don’t know, because it was bloody cold!  But it was quieter, I’ll give her that) and had just ordered our drinks when we heard tyres screeching then an almighty bang, followed by the crackling of electric line sparks.  Someone had just tried to be cool and do a burnout while taking off from the traffic lights and then proceeded to crash into a power pole (judging from the sparks and wobbling power lines).  For a moment, we were both stunned.  We couldn’t see what the aftermath was – there was a row of trees and shrubs blocking the view.  But there were a few people running to the scene. I had the impulse to run over there too, and it was hard for me not to go, but my life coach started saying that we should ring 000 (the emergency line in Australia).  She did end up doing it.  It’s much better they get 50 calls about the same accident than none at all.  After the call, it seemed like it was okay to actually begin our meeting.  Yes, we hadn’t even started when this had happened.  By the time I’d retrieved my mountain of paper from my folder and a pen from the depths of my bag, we could hear sirens approaching in the distance.

I showed her all my task dissections (covered my side of the small square table with paper upon paper).  She seemed impressed.  Then she asked me what my first steps would be to complete those goals I have already written down and committed to.  I chose some items that I thought would be somewhat achievable, just to ease into working rather than going all out.  It’s a problem for me if I try to go full-bore first up and get exhausted.  Then I feel like doing nothing for weeks on end – not productive by any means.  This is something I learned from my years at university.  Pace yourself, I remind myself even though my brain still thinks I can go all out.  Silly brain.  You should know by now that Body can’t keep up with you.

Anyway, here’s what I chose:



The red list is a screenshot of my to-do I have for it on HabitRPG (amazing productivity/motivation site if you’re looking for one.  Check out my other posts about it).  When I took this screenshot, the ticked items are what I had already done.

As for the other items, here I come.  You are not prepared!  (hee hee, subtle WoW pun)

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  1. parjude

    You’ve got a plan, a story line, and a car that is working, and a lot of motivation. Kickstarter is the way to go: it’s called micro-financing and began when a talented entrepreneur saw how little money it took for a “third” world business to be successful and allow people to be self-supporting (99% of the loans were paid back-which surprised the naysayers). Then the idea jumped to small businesses, who, historically, had no favor with the banks who want to ensure the return on investment (ROI). The process is the same as if you were applying to a bank, but the funders are people like you and I, and the expectation is you will repay Kickstarter, and they will use that toward funding another business. It’s a way of paying forward. Take a look at some of the videos done for Kickstarters, and watch the one below: we need more women engineers, programmers and scientists and this is one very creative ad to fill that market niche.

    Got friends with some videotaping skills? Enlist them! And remember to be yourself, because that’s what people will see and what shapes their decision to invest or not. If you can, use the “girl gamer” angle, and maybe even include a few “girl-friendly” tasks in your games. Yeah, I play the same ones as the guys, but I dislike blood and gore, so that limits me to SimCity, and the puzzle-hidden object games which still have a touch of Dracula to them in the themes, playing with aquariums, building gardens, match three, and the like, but I lean away from the 100% guy military games. I abhor the ones which have you building burgers or which use a formula or strategy that I can figure out in 2 minutes. (And I have plenty of company in those preferences. And the game market for women who can think and solve hasn’t evolved very far in the U.S. …yet. No doubt this situation has kept some women out of the engineering-science-math fields in the U.S.)

    You’ve got the steps and the time-table, all that’s left is to create: that’s a process that undergoes transformation: think of George Lucas and his Star Wars saga. I always watch the “Special Features” on a disk, simply to know what thing went into the scene and how much it changed before and during production. He came up with the plot, and then directed his staff to fill it in. When you watch the Special Features, you’ll see he knows exactly what would create the effect he wanted, because he knew it when he saw it. It’s what I’d do if I thought about the project over a length time…it’s intuitive. (But it’s up to you this time out, because you are your staff, so remember intuitive is okay: marketers don’t know it all!) Above all, believe in yourself.

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    1. Retridemption

      Wow, thank you. This is incredibly helpful and motivating. I’ve been feeling kinda ‘meh’ the last few days and reading this has reignited my motivation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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