TLQ: The Cold Debuff


Right when I’m in the middle of charging up to do an all-out attack, this smacks me in the face.  A two-pronged debuff of being sick with a cold, and the cold itself.  It’s winter in Australia at the moment, and it is the coldest I’ve experienced in a long time.  I really really dislike the cold.  And being sick when it’s this chilly is just terrible.

My stats when I was ill:

-50% endurance
+50% time increased of rest periods
+50% fluid leakage

So trying to complete this first quest was already like running through a village of enemies that cripple you at every turn.  Aaahhh, get them off me!  Dodge, parry, barrel-roll!  I needed to get rid of this cold.  Cold and flu tablets helped enough so my brain didn’t feel like it was inside one of those bobble-head toys.  So I rested, and rested… and rested.  In between, I did manage to complete my Hunters design document work breakdown structure (or my version of it).  It was a struggle, but I made it out of the village with all limbs and loot intact.  Here are my results:


Huzzah!  All 11 pages!  And yes, I even printed them out so I can scribble on them.  Typing just doesn’t have the same effect, or satisfaction, as seeing an idea develop as it’s covered in arrows, underlines, strike-outs and various sorts of shapes.

As the days progressed, I started to feel better.  So I attempted my other goal dissections.




Ta da~!  (I feel like WALL-E saying that, hee hee.)  But yes, here they are.  Even though I ended up finishing them on the day of my next life coach meeting, I still finished them.  Yay me!  Quest 1 is now complete!  Now to return to the questgiver/life coach with my results.

Quest complete!  Return to the questgiver for rewards and next quest.

What do you think?

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