TLQ: Dissecting level 1 mobs? Nope, dissecting goals!

The objective of my first quest in this long, legendary chain: split all my written goals into doable tasks and then organise them into some sort of structure that helps me achieve them.

Okay.  Here we go.

When I looked at my goals and thought about splitting them up, I had the sudden feeling of being overwhelmed.  I still do every time I look at them.  Mostly because as I write this post, I’ve still yet to split up 5 out of the 6.  I know.  There isn’t much time between now and July 8th, the deadline for this first quest.  I always hated timed quests.  But like I’d do in a game, I’m going to grit my teeth and get through it.  This quest is way way too big to leave to the last minute, and that isn’t a healthy attitude to take to improving yourself anyway.

So, yes, working on it.  To ease into this, I tackled what I thought would be the easiest goal to divide and conquer.  Goal #2 – I want to complete the Hunters game design document by August.  Luckily I had some of the document done, and the headings was a perfect place to start.

As I wrote down each heading, and then each individual section underneath it as a list, I began to realise something.  Dun dun dun!  There was no way that I was 50% complete on this, like I had said to my life coach in our first meeting.  I even said more towards 60%!  What a fool!

When I finished, a three page monster stared back at me at the end of a papery tunnel.  E-gads… what had I created!



(excuse the kitty tail – he wouldn’t leave me alone while I was taking these pictures)



I admit that I did panic a bit, and frankly, I still am.  The section that’s freaking me out the most is the event dialogue – in other words, the words (oh ho ho, pun intended) that each main cast character says, what the periphery characters say, and what happens in each story and side-story event.  A monster indeed!

But you know what, I’m not going to back down just because I put a deadline on it.  Like Naruto or Luffy, I’m not going to back down.  Instead, I’m going to come up with some crazy powerful new jutsu or unleash the second form of my Devils’ Fruit power!  Hee hee, not really.  Showing my geekiness there.  What I will be doing is chugging along, doing each section as it comes to me.

With all that said, the next step is going to be creating a work breakdown structure – a little something I learnt from my time at university.  Be ready for a lot of pictures with crazy drawings in my next post.

Next step: Create a WBS for the Hunter game design doc goal.

Future Boss Encounter: Writing the dialogue section of the document.

There are 3 comments

    1. Retridemption

      Ha ha, yeah. You should read my next post. You’ll be surprised on what I’ve done. I think I over-complicated it waaaaaaaaay too much. And I get what you mean by over-excited. All these fun things to do and then more exciting ideas pop into your head. So dangerous.

      And definitely. That’s the evolution of the idea. What Hunters is now is very different from what the first evolution was.


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