HabitRPG – Reward Me~

Now I’ve talked all about doing to-dos, habits and dailies that earn you gold as you complete them, as well as experience and mana.  But I haven’t talked about rewards yet.  Here’s a screenshot below of what it can look like.


There are two major types of rewards – the ones that HabitRPG provide (gear for your avatar or from challenges) and the rewards you set for yourself.

The first section is for those rewards that are defined by you as the user or from a challenge that you’ve taken up.  The next section is the gear that is available for purchase.  Lastly, there are the class abilities that cost MP (magic points).

Personally, I have troubles with rewards I set myself.  I don’t have the discipline to not buy something or have something that I put as a reward, so it never feels like one when I get it.  I do, however, have better luck with the rewards that HabitRPG or challenges give me.  There’s more of a feeling of accomplishment when I am rewarded with those items is a lot more satisfying.

If you are able to reward yourself, go for it.  I think it best to achieve your goals and then reward yourself for doing what you said you were going to do.

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  1. snellopy

    Yeah, I had a ton of problems with custom rewards. It did work at the start when I added some, with very tinny gold prices (5 and 2) for weaning myself of various timewasting websites. However, I’ve now accrued a new and different set of timewasting websites but not added rewards for them. I am having better luck shunting some of my more enjoyable to-dos into the rewards column (again with a minor gold price, usually 10). They are still either listed as a To-Do or could be counted towards a Daily or a Habit so I still get XP for doing it (such as writing with a different focus to what I should be doing). They normally come with an added rider of “can’t be done until some other less pleasant To-Do is done”. That’s because before I would just look at my list, go “hey that’s a fun one, let’s do that” rather than do the boring stuff that really needed doing

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    1. Retridemption

      That’s not a bad way of doing it actually. I think I might take that up. Maybe the condition could be (for me at least) is to do one of my dark red to-dos first, then do a more recent one. The list be long with dark red.


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