TLQ: The Beginning

As a gamer, I like playing games that give me a sense of direction.  Be it to go obtain some obscure achievement in World of Warcraft, fighting enemy guilds in world vs world on Guild Wars 2 or discovering who the murderer is in Persona 4.  I know each step that has to be taken in order to achieve what I want to do.

In life, it is not so clear.

As of right now, I am 27 years old, unemployed, not formally studying and living with my parents.  What I feel is the worst of situations for myself to be in.  I do love my parents but our styles of living are not compatible, causing all sorts of stress and tension.

I want that to change.

So, what are my ultimate goals?  Or, in gaming terms, that legendary item I want to obtain or that ridiculously time-consuming achievement I want to see pop up on my screen and then smugly spam trade chat with later?

I want to be a game designer, preferably working for Atlus.

I also want to publish my many, complete concepts in whichever format suits them the most.

Lofty goals, I know, but that what I want to achieve in this life.  And see how I say goals and not dreams?  That’s because I am going to make them a reality.  Whether it be in 5 years time, or 50, I know I won’t stop wanting these things no matter what.

But right now in this moment, I’m stuck.  Stuck in this situation, and I honestly have no idea how to get out of it.  I’ve always been trying to scramble out of this hole, but I never seem to make it.

By writing this post I want to be accountable for my actions (or more frequently, my in-actions).  I also want to share the tales of my legendary quest with you all, in case anyone else is stuck in their own hole or simply have the need to feel motivated to achieve their own goals.  In all honesty, this could completely backfire but I will have the courage to admit failure when it is due.  Until then, I won’t back down.

After surfing the internet, asking friends (who happen to be ex-guildmates from my World of Warcraft days, whom I miss terribly) and talking to my lovely and ever-faithful sidekick AKA my partner of almost 11 years, I’ve decided on what my first step should be.

For some time now I’ve known that I’ve needed someone who is at my side.  Someone that has my interests totally in their heart.  Someone who cheers for me and only me to succeed.  They need to encourage me and support me whilst giving me direction.  Basically like a class leader who monitors your DPS or healing and lets you know if you’re doing a good job or if you need improving.  The real life version of this is a life coach.

Already I’ve contacted the one I’ve chosen to be my life coach and I’m going to meet her tonight.  I’m somewhat apprehensive about what the outcome will be but I shall endeavour to be cautiously optimistic.

After all, this is the beginning of my legendary quest.

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  1. snellopy

    Sounds like you went to the first meeting pretty prepared, with a good outline of what you’re planning to do. Was that recommended by them, or have you been working this out in your head for quite some time?

    What’s the best way I can help you mate? Email, IM(I’d need details for that), Habit Party, SuperBetter (though I’m feeling disconnected there, a letter is slowly being written to all my allies), or something else?

    I’m just about done with all the paperwork for the school year, yet still at work, so I will have a pile of time for typing. I’ll get onto going over chapter 1 and 2 of hunters with hopefully supportive constructive criticism for you mate, though I’m no expert.

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  2. Retridemption

    I’d kinda always known what I wanted to do. I know my goal, but how to get there is a different story, and having the support to get there.

    As for support, you’re already doing it. ^.^ You being in the Habit Party, sending me those odd emails and commenting on here is so good. I always look forward to seeing what you’ve written. (I no longer use SuperBetter.) The reading of those chapters would be lovely when you have the time, of course. I know how teachers have it. I’m helping my mum mark her tests because she’s still recovering from having pneumonia.

    And you don’t have to be an expert. Anything said is welcomed and considered.


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