HabitRPG – Quests? Need a Party!

As you go along in life and HabitRPG, you might find yourself wanting some comrades to cheer you on and give support in those tough times.  This comes in the form of a classic RPG party.  You can have up to seven people in a party.


Here is my beautiful party.  We’re different sorts from various walks of life, cultures and countries.  But we all joined HabitRPG for the purpose of bettering ourselves.  Without these guys, I would not still be using the site.  I know I work best in a team setting and especially when they depend on me.  So having a party is essential for my success.  There’s a private party chat that only your party members can read.  We talk about lots of things, let each other know how we’re going and cheer each other on.

There are two ways you can find people for your party.  Head to the Tavern and just ask people if anyone want to join a group.  Or there is a LFG (looking for group) post on the Wiki for those searching for members.

Now that I have a party, we can go on quests.  (If you want, you can do the quests solo, but parties are awesome.)


This is a list of quests my party has completed.  Quests are events that your party complete together.  My party uses them to push ourselves to do better – to clear our dailies and complete extra to-dos to get a nice strong hit on the boss, or gather lots of items.  I like doing quests because it forces me to not let my team down.  If I don’t clear my dailies, I damage my party.  You also get rewards for completing a quest.  Special pets, experience and a chunk of gold.  So don’t be afraid to try them out with your own party.  Shinies are always good rewards.

What do you think?

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