HabitRPG – Classy Stats

As any RPG should, HabitRPG has classes to choose from.  They went with the four classic classes – warrior, rogue, mage and healer.  You get to choose what class you want to be at level 10.  If you want to know more about each class, here’s the Wiki page for it – here.

I chose the rogue.  As an avid collector of everything (especially achievements), I figured this would get me closer to my goal.  For each completed to-do, daily and positive habit, I get more gold than normal and a better drop chance at items.  What helps me get better chances is the stat Perception.


Being a rogue means I have naturally high Perception.  Specific rogue gear, when equipped, also ups my Perception stat which increases my chances at loot and more gold each ticked/plussed item.  But I don’t feel comfortable putting all my stats into Perception.  What if my party and I come across a particularly hard boss and we all need to do high damage to defeat him?  Or he hits us really hard when someone misses a daily?  If I go splat in a boss fight, I risk losing all my gold and a piece of gear!

In order to mitigate this, I pop extra stat points into other types. (Tee hee, I used the word mitigate. Thank you World of Warcraft for teaching me the proper meaning of this word – my university lecturers could never really explain it in a way I could grasp).  You earn a free stat point every level to place in which type you chose.  Here’s my stat allocation:


It’s kind of talent tree I guess. Popping these free stat points into other types affects your character’s main stats, such as health and mana.


Now I won’t die so easily and I have enough mana to be able to cast my party buff on two consecutive days.  I’ll also hit decently hard on a boss if I complete enough to-dos.  My problem as a squishy rogue is solved!

I’ve yet to experience what it’s like as other classes so unfortunately this is as far as my post goes.  Should really ask one of my party members who likes class hopping for the gear.  He has far too many gems.  Lucky sod.

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  1. snellopy

    I’m just about out of gems now, because I can’t sign up for a subscription (at least until there’s an annual one). But I didn’t really try the other classes much so I am not much use mate. I stayed as a rogue and sunk all my points into PER to cash up, then spent a total of 5 minutes in each of Warrior and Mage before reverting to type and turning back into a cleric.

    It does give me an advantage for playing dressup, and for wearing cross-class gear for the stats. When we’re not in a boss battle, I tend to wear more PER gear, though I’m not sure why as I’ve bought all the for gold stuff available for me, and have a terrible time with drops.

    I never really swapped my play style when I changed classes either, just kept on doing my thing

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