HabitRPG – Your Mini-me

I just love having an avatar to be me in the crazy world of the Internet.  This particular one lives in Habitica, the world the players of HabitRPG have made.  I’m quite attached to my little Retridemption so letting her die due to my laziness is a no-no.  It does happen on occasion though when I forget to tick off dailies.

Customisation of your avatar is a big thing.  It needs to be you, or a little character that you connect with, so it’s motivating to get them progressed through the world and not leave them to die.  This website is ultimately a tool to help you progress in whatever you wish, so having that attachment can keep you coming back.

There are lots of skin colours, even crazy ones to make you green like an orc or rainbow like a… a unicorn?  Whatever your fancy is.


You might have noticed that in this screenshot the rainbow skins are currently locked.  That is because I haven’t bought them with gems. Gems are an in-game currency that’s rarer to come by than gold.  If you are a subscriber, you are are able to purchase them with gold.  If you aren’t, the you earn them by winning challenges.

Now for the hair! Yet again, some fun choices!


Currently I have pastel yellow hair to suit my ninja cat suit I’ve got going on.  Pastel hair colours were a limited edition item I bought with gems.  They’ll likely come around again.  No need to panic.

But I have to giggle at the bangs.  Why are they called bangs?  Isn’t the word “fringe” okay?  It’s something I notice quite regularly because of Harry Potter.  I have the American and British/Australian versions of the first book.  Took me ages to figure out what bangs meant in the American version.  Annnnd off track again… going back in 3, 2, 1…

Right, so now you’ve got yourself some hair.  But maybe you’re a manly man and want that moustache or your alter ego is a bearded lady.  Have no fear because facial hair is here!


Oh oh, you could be a viking too.  Didn’t think of that before.  They do have to be bought with gems again but if that’s what you want for your little guy or girl, then don’t hesitate.

Now you need to have a shirt on to cover that body of yours.  Habitica can be quite chilly.  Don’t want to catch a cold.


Shirts are really for your character when you haven’t bought your armour yet, or if you so choose, pretend you have no armour on at all (costumes and armour are going to be talked about in a different post).  Or you could go hardmode and buy no armour at all.  Ha ha, I think you’d get one-shot by a boss if you did that.  But it does sound like a challenge huh?

That’s it for the introduction to avatars.  Stats and classes next!  Onward.

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  1. snellopy

    Yeah, I wasn’t sure about bangs either, I just thought they meant the outline, so thanks for explaining that to me mate, but most of the time you can’t see them under the helmet anyway, so I don’t think they really matter

    Liked by 1 person

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