HabitRPG – Repetitive, Irregularly-timed To-Dos

A quick post about those repetitive to-dos you need to do at irregular intervals.  I have a little strategy to remedy this.

Say I plan to do five programming exercises but I know that I can’t do them all in one sitting and I need an immediate reward to keep my motivation up.  This rules out using a checklist.  But I also don’t want a group of tasks with exactly the same name on my list.  I get confused about where I’m up to, especially if I don’t tick them off immediately.

What I do is add a number at the end.  For example:

Complete programming exercise (1)

Complete programming exercise (2)

I do this for many different tasks, like paying my phone bill (but I use the names of the months instead of numbers), doing loads of laundry or reading articles.  Hope this helps.

What do you think?

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