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If you’re someone like me who has many projects on the go, don’t have a clue where you are on some of them and know you need to work on them, you can use HabitRPG as a motivator and a tracker.

All the projects I am working on right now are personal projects where I am the only one working on them.  Other projects that are for work or have other people contributing will be different, but have a look at what I do to see if it applies to your situation.

I’ll be using one of my game design projects as an example here.  What I’m doing for this project at the moment is writing a game design document.  Within the document are numerous sections.  I’ve added the document, as a whole, to my to-do, and each section I’ve added as an item of a checklist attached to that to-do.  I tick off each section when I feel I’ve added enough information to it.  I recently completed my event sequence section (basically the main storyline where I write down what happens in each major event) and ticked that one off.

This is the basic structure I’d use for any big task associated with my projects.  If needed, I break down one of the checklist items further into its own to-do (and checklist), making it easier for me to complete.  This is actually something I learned while studying project management at university.  It forces you to think of all the smaller tasks (ones you can accomplish) that add up to the overall task, which, in turn, helps you feel less overwhelmed and allows you to focus on the smaller steps.

To keep up the progress on the project, I have a daily that I need to complete on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To keep my motivation up, I don’t have this daily set to a specific project.  I get burnt out easily if I force myself to work on a specific project.  I also have a habit dedicated to each project which I + if I work on that project.  The more I work on it, the more + I give myself.

It can be a good idea to assign yourself allotted time to work on your project.  I could change my daily on my project to be “Work on a project for 1 hour”, and then reward myself with my habit for every hour or 30 mins I work on a project.  Personally I don’t like that kind of restriction because I focus on the time spent doing the work rather than the work itself.  I have tried it and used the time limit as a challenge to myself to see how much I get done (which is a fun thing to do) but it got tedious quickly and the challenge vanished.  In the end, it’s up to understanding how you work best.

As for keeping track of your projects, HabitRPG has a handy tagging system.


As you can see by the screenshot above, you can add tags to help sort your to-dos, dailies and habits.  Note that the screenshot may look different to the current version of the website because of the constant updates to the interface.  If you have an extensive to-do/dailies list, I would highly recommend you use this feature.  By selecting a tag (your tags should appear underneath your avatar and party on the screen), it filters all of your items and shows only those who have been tagged with the one you’ve selected.

You’ll also notice the megaphone-type icons beside some of the tags.  This means they’re associated with a challenge that I’m currently participating in (which I’ll discuss in a different post).  They are added automatically when you accept a challenge.  Just remember to delete the tag once the challenge is over because, if they haven’t addressed this in the most recent update, the tag stays once the challenge finishes.  It can clog up your list with old tags if you’re not vigilant.

I think that’s about it for my voice on projects and HabitRPG.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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  1. snellopy

    I also added emoji to all my tags, to make them stand out easier, and also to each project (because they can be scattered over the three columns). I like that they’ve now coloured challenges and your own tags differently up the top, that helps to make it easier to see when a challenge has finished, as it swaps colours. I just wish you could re-order them easily.

    In the To-Do column, I have a To-Do which is a heading/label for each project, and other classifications (like one for work, far away things, right now things etc) because I add a lot as they come to me otherwise I’d forget them. I have similar greyed out dailies as headings in that column too (which I sometimes tick off as a bonus if I’ve been exceptionally productive that day while not shirking other areas) and I also have some specific always grey dailies for various projects too. They could be swapped to habits I guess, but I tend to forget about that column for weeks at a time, I guess I can’t hold more than two things in my head at once

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