30DC WoW – Day 27

Oh yes, the post I’ve been waiting to write for ages!

My favourite legendary item isssssssssssssss… the Ahn’Qiraj Sceptre!

This little beauty was the goal of my WoW life for such a long time!  Unfortunately it is no longer able to be acquired in the game otherwise I would be doing the massive questline on every one of my alts (and there are a lot!).  It still sits in my bag, proudly have pride of place.

The AQ sceptre is a special legendary item that you used to open the Ahn’Qiraj gates in the AQ War, so you could access the two raids within.  I wish they did more of this kind of thing.  A resource-driven server-wide event to push to access end-game content that includes both PvE and PvP aspects.  (On a sidenote, I’d definitely be including events like this in the MMO concept I have)

As a reward for getting the item and using it to bang the gong to open the gates, you received an exclusive Black Qiraj mount and an exclusive title Scarab Lord.  Only one person could get this per server.  Which brings me to the kafuffle that brought on the second round of Scarab Lords.

First off, according to some friends of mine, when Blizzard released some new servers for WoW, apparently the Gates of AQ were shut on them.  If a person transferred to one of those new servers and banged the gong with the AQ Sceptre, they received those very exclusive rewards.  I was honest enough not to transfer to a new server and do this myself.  It was cheating to me.  Even though I had the item, I didn’t want to cheat.

The second round of Scarab Lords came when a server reset caused the AQ gates to close.  I was lucky enough to participate in the events surrounding the Gates as I was in Silithus doing my rep grind for the Brood of Nozdormu for the AQ Sceptre quest.  This has to be one of my most cherished experiences in WoW.

Here are some screenshots from my adventure during this server reset glitch.


Guardians of the Anubis variety that suddenly appeared around the Silithus crystals.  This was my first inkling that something big had happened.  Never had I seen these guys outside the two AQ raids before, so it was a real surprise.  Especially when they were both lvl 65!  Five levels higher than the area.



So I rode my skeletal horse down to the Gates to see if anything was up, and they were closed!  Well, at this time I could barely contain my excitement.  The gates were closed!  That meant… that meant!  That meant I had a chance at being a Scarab Lord!!  You should have heard me in Ventrilo (a voice-chat program).  I was a hyperactive mess.



When this first started, I was in the middle of nowhere.  After visiting the gates, I went back to Cenarion Hold and couldn’t believe myself.  It had changed too!  What were all these NPCs doing?  What was happening?  I must go investigate! (Cenarion Hold didn’t look this at all – it was one of the most dead zones out of pre-Cata WoW).



What’s this?  I stumbled into a meeting of leaders.  They were having a long NPC discussion about what was going to happen next.  I wish very much now that I could have recorded this.



After a long talk, the army mobilised.  At this time, I was trying to convince my guildies that 1) yes indeed this was happening, 2) that the AQ doors were closed and 3) to come see the bloody thing!  I ran with the army down to the gates.



An hour or two had passed since the first of us realised the Gates had closed.  By then the news had spread on the server, and one of the infamous characters of our server had opened the Gates and received the Scarab Lord title plus the black mount (he later got it taken away by Blizzard when he bragged about it on the forums).  This is what it looked like after he had opened it.  More of those massive Anubis guys and the scarab dudes.  There were so many of them!  At the time, I managed to get some of my guildies and my friends to join me down in Silithus.  There were some others milling around too.  I couldn’t stay still.  I shouted “BANZAAAAAAAI” and ran into the mob, and so the melee began.


Everyone eventually joined in.  I was a little disappointed that these big guys didn’t drop anything, but it didn’t matter much.  That fight was such a scrappy one.  Massive guys stepping on us, sending us flying.  And they actually still hurt!  You can see in this screenshot that my friend’s totems were helping out.



After the massive melee in front of the Gates, we eventually discovered that there were these guys.  There was one per hive (there are 3 hives).  That’s as far as my memory goes.  But man was it fun!

What do you think?

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