30DC Gamer List – Day 26

Best voice acting.

I would have to say Guild Wars 2.  I would have said Persona 3 & 4 but an MMO that has the same quality voice-acting as a console game is very impressive.  Not to mention there’s a few voices in there that I recognised immediately when I started playing.  Crispin Freeman and Steve Blum – these two are prolific anime voice-actors, especially Steve Blum.  So as an anime fan who had heard their voices in other works, this made me supremely happy.

And then there was another surprise!  When I did a little research for this post, I found a list of voice actors that plied their craft to GW2, and lo and behold Felicia Day’s name pops up as the voice actor of Zojja!  They couldn’t have found a more suitable person to voice that character.

Here’s the list I found: Guild Wars 2 Voice Actors

What do you think?

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