HabitRPG – Kick That Habit Out or Into Gear!

Ohhhh habits.  Little mannerisms that you either love or love to hate.  The whole premise of why HabitRPG was made was to improve your habits.  So naturally, they have a habits section.

When I first started out, I found it difficult to add habits that I either wanted to get rid of or build up.  Even now I still doubt myself on how I use this section.  Nevertheless, I still use it.

Behold a screenshot of some of my habits!


There are a lot of my projects’ habits in this shot.  The list is a lot longer than what you see (multiply this by about three times).  It’s mostly full with habits associated with motivating myself to work on my projects.  I wanted to get myself working on my projects more, and this was the quickest way I could get gratification for doing that work.  It didn’t matter how much time I spent on it; just the fact that I did – I wanted to reward that behaviour.  The remainder are primarily concerned with my health, such as “Walked the dog” or “Drink more water than Coke” (that’s Coca Cola by the way, not the drug).  I probably need to do an overhaul of these as some of them don’t have the motivating push I need anymore.

Still, you can see one of my biggest habits I want to keep under control – “Procrastinate on HRPG”.  I have a tendency to wander off into the social side of HabitRPG after I do what I need to do with my tasks section (to-dos, habits and dailies).  When I do, I can easily spend an hour there.  That’s an hour of time that I’ve lost to my bad habit.  This is where the +/- system comes in.  If I resist my bad habit, I hit the + sign and I am rewarded with gold and experience.  If I lose, I make myself hit the – sign.  This docks health from my avatar.  I know I have to be honest with myself if I want to improve so I make an effort to keep this part as truthful as possible.

Again, the colour system applies to the habits.  Red means you’ve been doing that habit to a negative effect and if you – it, you’ll lose more health but if you + it, you’ll get a bigger chunk of gold and experience.  Blue means you’ve done that habit to a positive effect.  The opposite occurs when you + or – it.  Less gold and experience for a +, less health lost for a –.  Most of my habits in this shot are on the in-between yellow.

You’ll also notice that my projects’ habits only have the + sign assigned to them.  That’s because there isn’t any negative behaviour associated with that habit.  I only want to positively reinforce myself for working on my projects.  You have the option to change this by editing a specific habit and looking around the middle to find the +/- signs.  Like the dailies and the days they occur on, if a symbol is greyed out, that sign won’t be associated with that habit.  I have the – sign greyed out on all my projects’ habits.

Now I’m thinking about the possible overhaul I want to do to my habits. But I’ve definitely made myself some new criteria for my habits. When I make a new habit, I’m going to ask:

  • By making this habit, am I going to be honest about improving myself?
  • Is there any positive behaviour with this habit that I want to reward? (if so, then assign the + to it)
  • Is there are negative behaviour with this habit that I was to discourage? (if so, then assign the – to it)

I think that’s where I came unstuck the most in the past. But now that I’ve written this post, I have a firmer grasp on what I want to achieve with my habits section. I hope this helps just as much.

There is one comment

  1. snellopy

    Yeah, the habit column is my weakest one use wise. When I feel like a daily is no longer effective because it is too easy, I’ll sometimes downgrade it to a habit. Also, if a daily keeps getting ignored and is deep dark red for ages, I’ll realise it isn’t really working and often shunt it to this column, but I have to work out a more effective way to use it

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