30DC WoW – Day 26


Oh yeah, Wrathgate!

This in-game cinematic is the best of them!  I love how the Alliance and the Horde come together for this single moment, to try and defeat a common enemy.  And they don’t see each other as enemies for that moment either, as you can tell by the two leaders talking to each other.  The best part was when the dragons come, from Wyrmrest Temple you can see in the distance in one of the shots.  The Dragon Queen herself even comes!

What I do miss about this mini-campaign is the part after Wrathgate, where you had to rescue Undercity.  Some of you may not have played it because it was taken out some time during Cataclysm I believe (I just remembering doing it on an alt and when I didn’t get to go to Undercity, I was like wait what?).  But nevertheless, still doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of the cinematic.

What do you think?

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