HabitRPG – Dailies (ugh!)

If you were ever a World of Warcraft player, you’d know that every day, you’d begrudgingly do those quests for reputation or valour points, hoping someday that you’ll never have to do them again.  In real life, there seems to be tasks you have to do every day, or on certain days of the week without fail.

Dailies in HabitRPG are to-dos that occur with such rigid regularity that it’s likely you do them without much thought.  However, there are some that fall through the cracks.  This is where you can remind yourself.

The difference between dailies and normal to-dos are that if you don’t tick off a daily (when it’s active) before the day ends, it will damage your avatar.  How much damage you ask?  Well that depends on the colour of the daily.  If it’s blue, you’ll receive the least amount of damage.  But if it’s red, you’ll get walloped.  Having a red daily means you’ve not ticked it off many times and has thus built up the damage it deals.  This is where your character will receive most of its damage from.

Sidenote: A handy tip about your day’s turnover (they have some complicated name for it on the site, so I’ll just use turnover).  Naturally, the default for the day’s turnover is set to midnight.  For people who are night owls or do shift work, the default setting isn’t suitable.  Thankfully, it can be changed.  But beware – if you do change it, it can be somewhat buggy.  Still feeling brave?  Here’s how to change it.  First, click the cogwheel icon on the top-right hand of your HabitRPG page (when you’re logged in on your account).  A dropdown list should appear below your cursor.  Click on the option “Site”.  It will take you to the settings page which, highlighted in a faint red colour, is the “Custom Day Start” function.  Choose what hour you want your day to turnover at (mine is at 4am because I do a lot of work around 2am).  Make sure it’s in 24 hour format.  It should automatically save your choice.  I’ve used it for six months now and it’s only bugged out a couple of times, so don’t be scared to try it if you think it’d suit your situation.  Now, continuing on.

I use dailies for those things that I forget on a regular basis or activities I want to do on a certain day.  Here’s a screenshot of some of my dailies.


There’s two different types of dailies you can see above.  The first one is a daily I have to do every day, which is the “create DOABLE to-d list for next day”.  I have a bad habit of making overly optimistic to-do lists that never get completed because I really cannot finish it in one day, with or without interruptions. By adding this daily, I remind myself that I need to make the list doable, and to actually make the list the night before so my brain can get ready for sleep instead of thinking about all those things I have to do the next day.

The second type of daily you can see is actually a weekly (again, World of Warcraft quest reference).  All the other dailies you see there, except the top one, are activities I want to do once or twice a week.  I made them a daily because it means I have to do it otherwise my little avatar gets hurt.  It forces me to act if I care about not dying, and that can be a strong motivation sometimes, especially when you’re close to death.  How to choose what days which daily occurs on is easy.  Edit the daily by click the pencil icon on the top-right and if you look to the middle of your daily, you’ll see the days of the week.  If they’re all coloured, it means the daily will occur on every day.  Greying out a day by clicking on it means that the daily won’t occur on that day.  Remember to hit the “Save & Close” button to save your changes.  Take a look at this screenshot to see what I mean.

One daily you don’t see in my screenshot is taking my medication. I’m terrible at it, and if I don’t take it, it’s not good for my health or my wallet (wasted medication = wasted money).  By using HabitRPG, I remember to take them and down the road, it saves me a lot of anguish and money.

What do you think?

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