30DC Gamer List – Day 25

Game/s I plan on playing…

I have to giggle to myself at this question.  I plan on playing lots of games!  That’s a bit of a given.  As to which one I’ll play next when I complete the ones I’m currently playing, that’s not up to me.

There’s a fantastic website called The Backloggery you can use to catalogue your games, your progress on them, what status they are (if they’re unplayed, played, finished, mastered), what console they’re on, etc.  It’s so handy and I really recommend those who have a large or growing collection to use it.

It’s on the web so you can access it from anywhere which has been so good especially when I’m looking at a game in a shop and I don’t know if I own the game or not.  Just jump on my phone and look for it on my Backloggery!  Ta da!  No double ups or expensive mistakes.

As to why it’s not my choice which game I play next, I use the Fortune Cookie function on Backloggery.  It saves me the heartache of choosing which game to play next, plus it’s something I look forward to using every time I finish a game.  You can adjust the settings of the Fortune Cookie to choose from a specific selection of games if you wish.

Here’s a link to the list of the games I intend to play: Retridemption’s Backloggery

What do you think?

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