HabitRPG – How do you to-do?

Yay, time for the first post.  It’s been a difficult one to write, that’s for sure.  Beginnings usually come naturally to me but not this one.  Nevertheless, I shall persevere.

So this post and the few following it will be about how I ‘play’ HabitRPG.  Keep in mind that the way you use HabitRPG will be different to me.  But if you need help starting or are doing an overhaul, feel free to use this advice as you wish.  Anyway, off we go.

First of all, the basics – to-dos.  To-dos are the bare bones of HabitRPG.  If you use it for nothing more than a fun way to motivate yourself to complete your to-do list then HabitRPG’s purpose will have been served.

What I did at the start was add small things that needed doing such as small chores like “Wash a load of laundry” or “Unload the dishwasher” – items that you can complete with relative ease in a short amount of time (nothing longer than 10 minutes).  Some of these items come easier to some than others.  Me, for instance – I suck at doing housework.  I always procrastinate and thus the pile gets bigger and bigger.  Which brings me to the next point.

Do not overwhelm yourself.  In the beginning, or when doing an overhaul, it’s tempting to be overly optimistic and think to yourself “Yeah, I can do all these things soon, no problem” as you keep adding more and more items.  Stop!  Think to yourself: will you really do all of those things in the timeframe you’re thinking about or is that just optimism speaking?  While it’s healthy to have optimism, too much at this stage can sabotage your well-intentioned efforts.  Interruptions happen.  And they happen more frequently than we realise.  And those interruptions can get you side-tracked or discouraged.  Start slow.  Add a couple of items, then go do them.  Once done, go back to HabitRPG and tick them off.  Bask in that feeling of accomplishment and add a few more to-dos.  Rinse and repeat this cycle (and I’m not talking about laundry.  Ha ha, the PvEr in me is speaking!).

Personally, I get really bogged down if my list gets big.  I look at it and subconsciously, I panic.  I hesitate because there are so many things to do.  Where do I start?  What should I do first?  When I begin questioning myself like this, the whole motivation for achieving something evaporates rapidly.  I don’t end up accomplishing anything and then the guilt chain starts.  It’s a bad place to be in.  Currently, I’m trying to work myself out of this chain (writing this post, and the others in my HabitRPG series is helping!).  Take a look at my to-dos.


See how “Finish last Remnant” is a darker shade of orange and “Finish YS Strategy” below it is red?  That means they’ve been sitting in my to-do section for a longer period of time than the ones above it.  Maturing, you could say.  Some to-dos may sit there for a while because they’re harder to complete than others.  And you know what, that’s okay if it’s truly a harder to-do to complete.  If it’s turning red because you’re procrastinating, then it’s something you need to address.  There is extra motivation, too, for completing darker to-dos.  The darker the to-do you complete is, the more gold and experience you get.  Use that to your advantage.  Tackle the things you put off for a bigger reward!

However, a thought might occur to you to use this redness as a way to help you level faster and get more gold.  Don’t!  Whatever you do, do not do this.  This is effectively cheating and nullifies the reason why you’re using HabitRPG in the first place.  Same goes for any way of exploiting or cheating in HabitRPG.  You are there to improve yourself and if you don’t do it honestly, you really can’t expect yourself to improve.  The rewards won’t taste as sweet if you don’t earn them.  You might even feel guilty about it instead of feeling that you’ve achieved something.  I’ll admit that I have taken a few shortcuts myself, especially when I get overwhelmed, but I’ve vowed to myself that I won’t do it anymore.

But what if you have a red to-do that you just can’t get yourself to do, that frightens away any motivation the moment you look at it? Well, my next post will address that as well as to-dos that are more complex than a single step.

What do you think?

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