HabitRPG – Divide & Conquer To-Do

Sometimes you may have a to-do that’s not just one step, or maybe it’s a to-do that you’ve been putting off and it’s getting annoying, just sitting there staring at you with its redness.  Combat this by using the checklist function.


This is my checklist for me working on these HabitRPG posts.  (Ignore the double-up of quests/challenges. I derped hard and only noticed while writing this post that it was there twice.)  See how there is a checklist?  Split the task into smaller chunks that you can tick off.  I find this particularly helpful when I’m feeling overwhelmed or there’s a number of smaller steps to one to-do.

For example, I used to have a task that just said “Do a load of laundry” but I’d always forget to hang the washing out on the clothes line after I’d washed it.  To remedy this, I made a checklist.  I still used the “Do a load of laundry” as the title of the task, but under it I added a checklist of “Wash the load”, “Hang out the load” and “Bring in when dry”.  That way I won’t forget (because I have a bad habit of always checking HabitRPG. You’ll see in the post about habits) and I’ll know what stage I’m up to.

To get a checklist, you have to edit the task by clicking on the pencil icon near the trash bin at the top-right corner of the to-do. Something like the screenshot below will appear.


Hit the “Add Checklist” button and a tickbox will appear.  Type your first mini to-do into it, then hit enter and a new tick-box will appear underneath.  Repeat for as many as you need.  Then hit the tick icon at the top-right or the “Save & Close” button at the bottom for HabitRPG to save it.

Ta-da!  Done.  Now tick off every step of progress you make.  Every little step counts.  I find that checking back and seeing the little steps done helps my motivation and I feel like I’ve done something, instead of just having an empty tickbox looking at me.

There’s a bonus to using checklists too. When you finally complete that big overall task, you are rewarded with more experience and gold based on how many steps of your checklist are done.  Use this to your advantage (but don’t exploit) and you’ll be plowing through those to-dos in no time.


There are 3 comments

  1. snellopy

    Almost all of my To-Dos are deep dark red, and they hang around for ages. That’s because my memory is terrible, so every little thing I think of that I want/need to do, I throw it up there so I don’t forget it, no matter how far away in the future it is. I have started shunting things over to the rewards column instead, especially if it is for something I want to do but isn’t really necessary. And I break mine up into hugely long checklists, sometimes spinning each individual tick mark into it’s own to-do with a further breakdown of checklists (for the particularly nasty or complex ones that I don’t want to do)

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  2. Jovee

    For me making a checklist to a huge todo is bad idea. For something that you can split into pieces and can do all the pieces in fairly short time it is good, but if you have lets say your blog example. If you plan to write 1 post for 1 week for example and you have a todo with 5 post ideas. Then when you write the first one you can tick off the checkbox, but you wont be rewarded with gold and exp. You only get that price after you finished all 5 weeks of writing. Also what if you come up with new ideas? Then if you keep adding them as checkboxes the todo is never finished and awards are never received.

    It is common dog training technique that you should award immediately after doing something well. I believe same applies to people too.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂
    – Jovee

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