30DC WoW – Day 25


Oooooooo, I get goosebumps every time I watch this.  This is my favourite official trailer.  The voiceover by Arthas’s father, the words he says, the music playing in the background building to a climax right when Arthas pierces the ice with Frostmourne, the magnificent Frost Wyrm emerging from its frozen prison…

This is epic in every sense of the word.  I was expecting something of this caliber when they released the Cataclysm cinematic but was sorely disappointed.  The Mists of Pandaria once was a different sort of cinematic, so I can’t really compare them.  It was appropriate for its expansion and the storyline behind it.

There’s nothing I could offer to improve this cinematic.  It is just perfect.

What do you think?

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