The HabitRPG Series

*wiggles and sings* Do you wanna date my avatar~
(Hint: if you don’t understand this reference, take a look here)

Well, she is pretty cute!  See see?


Yup, lookin’ great on that sexy skeletal dragon mount and with a… weird egg as a pet? Don’t know what I was thinking at the time of taking that screenshot but oh well (ha ha, I must have been on a sugar high).

Anyway, this is my cute little avatar, a representation of me on HabitRPG, a game-driven productivity tool on the Internet.  It’s open-source, which means anyone can contribute to the building and running of the website, and the best thing, it’s completely free!  There is an option to donate or subscribe to help out with the costs of the site, but that choice is completely up to you.

I’ve wanted to post about this great tool and my experience with it for some time now.  Finally plucked up the courage to do so (also hoping that I might be a contributor level out of this, ho ho, I be so greedy).  There’s going to be a number of posts over the coming days because I don’t like reading massive long things unless they’re stories.  Bite-size and digestible are better for this day and age.

Off to explore the depths of HabitRPG!  Ahoy!

Links: , HabitRPG’s Wiki

There are 2 comments

  1. snellopy

    That’s probably a better way to do it mate. I did two long-arse posts about habit in a row, and even though they had plenty of screenies, I don’t think they had many readers due to the length.

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    1. Retridemption

      Yeah. I know when I look at a post for something fun to read, the first thing I do is scroll to the bottom to judge how long it is. If it’s too long, I just leave.

      Though, in saying that, it’s hard not to post long ones because there’s so much to say and it’s hard to divvy up what I want to say. I want things to flow and I’m afraid that cutting them into smaller posts will mess with that.


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