30DC Gamer List – Day 23

What games I think have the best graphics

Hrm.  This was a tough one since I naturally go for games that have stylised graphics or interfaces.  So I have a couple.



1) Persona 3 & 4 for stylised graphics and interfaces.

These two games have gorgeous art styles that is one of the features that defines them.  I just love their artwork.  When I started playing Persona 3, I was pleasantly surprised by the characters themselves and the menus.  Made me ever so happy to have a nice, clean menu system that just felt natural to use.  And it was colour themed, like most Persona games seem to be.  I love the artwork so much that I have a couple of art books from them, and intend on getting more.


2) Guild Wars 2 – brush artwork in-game cinematics

Oh lovely lovely Guild Wars 2.  How I love the brushwork game cinematics.  I want to buy the artbook for this as well but it seems to be very rare so time to save up.



3) The Last Remnant – in-game graphics

I must say that this game surprised me with its beautiful in-game graphics.  That screenshot above is of actual gameplay.  That’s what it really looks like.  When I play, I find myself being enthralled by the environment and all the textures they use to decorate it.  Man, would I love to make my game concept Exception as beautiful and detailed as this.

What do you think?

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