30DC WoW – Day 23

Favourite end-game boss

I took this to be which boss from end-game content is your favourite.  And that would be Mimiron hardmode from Ulduar!

Mhm, I can hear the groaning from here.  Cracks me up that people hated this boss’s hardmode so much.  To me, it was the most fun I had during a raid.  Apparently it’s very difficult for some to dodge fire, hit certain targets and watch for Spinning Up.  And I’ll make an admission here.  I’m a clicker.  Yes!  I said it.  I click.  Never knew about keybinding until late in my WoW life, and by that time, changing an ingrained habit was impossible.  I wasn’t the highest DPS or best healer, but hell, I could dodge stuff and was the last man standing during most fights.  I even progression raided on 500ms ping.  And I actually found that going to lower ping made me a worse player because I could flirt with danger more and get away with it.

Whoa, massive tangent.  Back on track…

Yes, Mimiron.  Who didn’t want to press that giant red button?  I mean really, I swear the devs put it there for the first unsuspecting raids to saunter into the room, see the big red button and press it thinking it would initiate the fight and get engulfed in flames.

Sidenote: If the question meant end-of-raid or expansion bosses, I would have to say Heroic Lich King.  Those shadow traps.  Gets people every time.  So funny watching people get jettisoned off the platform.

What do you think?

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