30DC Gamer List – Day 22

A game sequel which disappointed me.

I don’t have a sequel that disappointed me, but I did play a game that disappointed me.  Suikoden Tierkreis.

Ahhhh, even thinking about it makes me sad.  It’s a game for Nintendo DS, so naturally I put a bit of time into it.  It was quite enjoyable until I hit the ending, which came as a surprise and a severe disappointment.  It had built up so beautifully, I was getting all excited, then nothing… the ending was so blah that it left me thinking “Wait… what?  Was that all, was that it?”  It ruined the whole game for me.  I can’t even remember what happened before the ending because the disappointment smothered all the good points.

As an afterthought, it has now just occurred to me that maybe I missed a trigger or something that could’ve added something to the end.  I must go investigate!

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