30DC WoW – Day 21

Which of the dragonflights do I like best?

This was a really hard choice.  It was between the Red, Green and Bronze flights.  I think I would have picked the Green flight if the game had more to do with them (though I believe that’s coming up in the story of WoW – so the rumours have been saying).  So in the end I picked the Bronze Dragonflight.

I picked them because some of my favourite experiences of the game have been involved with them.  From the AQ sceptre quest chain where you talk to Anachronos and gain reputation with the Brood of Nozdormu to the instances in the Caverns of Time.  I loved doing Hyjal (the raid) back in the day when it was hard and required a lot of co-ordination, not to mention Black Morass (the dungeon) which was much hated by end-game BC folks.  Why is it I always end up liking the stuff that everyone seems to hate?  Common theme here.


What do you think?

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