30DC WoW – Day 14

Favourite battleground?

Alterac Valley!  AV!  AV!  AV!

Now I can hear some groans and yes, I understand.  Today’s Alterac Valley is nowhere near as fun as it was in the old days.  I feel the point of this battleground has been lost in the zerg that runs from both ends.  It was supposed to be all about taking territory, slowing up your enemies in choke points and using strategy rather than running for the last boss and killing him to finish the game.

What makes me love AV (and what makes me feel so sad now) are the extras you can summon using the items that drop from bodies in the battleground.  The wolf riders and druids, the wind riders and griffons that drop bombs from the sky, and last but definitely not least, the giant tree and the ice lord.

Taking the time and gathering the people to summon the last two are why people don’t summon them any more.  It’s “too slow” for the zerg.

But you know what, they were put into this game to do something.  The best memories I have of AV are of my friend and I running around on our not-yet-level-capped toons and encouraging people to help us summon the Ice Lord (sorry if you’re Alliance, I am Horde).  A lot of players actually had no idea whatsoever who this guy was.  Well, that revelation concreted my friend and I’s resolutions to try and summon him every AV match!  Eventually we gathered a small following of folks that helped us when we called for it.

Here are some screenshots from one of our adventures.

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Did I mention that with every kill he participates in, he gains a buff, and eventually grows in size!

Image source: www.danscottart.com

There are 2 comments

  1. udderlywild

    i loved healing that bg. Downside and upside: it lasted hours… even days! Farming for flesh and armor scraps, the rep, rescuing the two fighters that were trapped behind enemy lines, summoning the elemental lord or even the druids… it was fun as hell.

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    1. Retridemption

      Agreed! In the screenshots above, I was running around on my resto shammy (big hulking Tauren dude, my first male character). But usually I was the hunter that stood behind the tree and shot people through them, especially at choke points. It was where I got my 23 -0 killing blows achievement. =D


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