30DC WoW – Day 13

My favourite lore would have to be anything concerned with the Titans.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Tol’vir and Uldum were Titan constructions.  And then there’s their beautifully adorned Ulduar.  I’m such an environment fan – anything that’s designed beautifully has my appreciation.

The Titans themselves don’t make an appearance in the game, but their presence is felt.  Well, saying that their presence is felt is an understatement.  The creation of most of the races in Azeroth are attributed to them, not the mention the powers they presented to the five major Dragonflights, creating the Aspects.  There is a ton of speculation by players and fans about the Titans but Blizzard has kept tight-lipped about them.  So the only information we know for sure is what is in the game itself.

What do you think?

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