30DC Gamer List – Day 12

Catherine is a game everyone should play (provided you’re over 18 – there are some serious adult themes.  Definitely not suitable for younger people).  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but nevertheless, you need to dip your toe in it to see how it feels.

The whole game centres around a man named Vincent Brooks, his lover Katherine, a mysterious woman Catherine, bizarre incidents and his night-time adventures.  When I started this game, I went in expecting RPG-type play with parties and battles.  Boy was I wrong.  It was a puzzle-jumping game.  Oh my, the puzzles that you have to do can really do your head in.  Some levels took a combined effort between myself and my partner to complete.

But the real reason as to why you should play this game is the decisions you, acting on Vincent’s behalf, have to make.  It really tests out your moral boundaries, what you think is right to do in that situation, and believe me, it isn’t as easy as you think – to make the “right” decision (depending on your definition of course).  The other great thing is that after your decision, the game lets you know what other players chose (especially if you’re connected to the internet at the time).

I’ve yet to complete the game as I am stuck on one particular level.  It has wrought so much frustration from myself that I haven’t touched it in months.  May the Backloggery fortune cookie bless me with the choice when I finish The Last Remnant and Final Fantasy XII.

What do you think?

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