30DC WoW – Day 12

Non-playable race that I wish was playable

The Tol’vir.

Who doesn’t want to be a sphinx-like being?  They look so awesome and powerful.  Not only do they look good but they were created to maintain Titan repositories and machinery.  I don’t know many other races who are as close to the Titans than the Tol’vir.  And if you don’t know about them, they are based on ancient Egypt which means gold, pyramids, sand and all the mysticism that surrounds them (which is why the designers used the Egyptian basis because the gods and goddesses are like the Titans).

Uldum was a fun zone and the lore along with it was great to read and experience.


Image source: http://el-grimlock.deviantart.com/art/TolVir-310602510

There are 3 comments

  1. Miss Mojo

    I love Uldum and it’s theme!!! Just gives out some awesome vibes and you feel the need to explore while ur there. Wish they did more to the place so you had to explore every corner and sandcorn of that place to find exciting stuff!

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    1. Retridemption

      Agreed! Plus all the adventures with Harrison Jones. One of the very few zones that had me enthralled the whole way through. And the flaming ball of death for the gnomes. Everyone loves that thing.


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