30DC Gamer List – Day 11

Gaming system of choice

I am loving my PS Vita right now.  I can play Vita, PSP and PS1 classic games on it.  What can’t you like about that?

I’ve already played Persona 4 Golden on it and was soooooooooo glad to see the anime cutscenes in it (unlike Persona 3 on PSP).  Can’t wait to play another game on it, especially the new HD version of Final Fantasy X.

There are also some handy little apps on the Vita, such as a Calender that syncs with Google and email accounts among others.  It could almost replace my smartphone if it had a phone function.  Hee hee.


Image source: http://www.thegamejar.com/2013/09/ps-vita-sonys-secret-weapon/

What do you think?

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