30DC WoW – Day 11

Which class do I want to level?


Why?  Because I’ve leveled them all.

I’m an altoholic – all about making alt characters and leveling them.  I’m not a massive melee fan but with my warrior being my first character in Guild Wars 2, I may have changed that perspective.  I love being a healer or a ranged.  I like being able to run around at range and see everything going on.  And I only like being a PvP healer because I like the moment when someone’s about to die, I heal them and then they’re back up again.  That’s the only trolling I’d ever do or be capable of (I don’t really get trolling – don’t see the appeal of it).


Image source: http://chippgenome.deviantart.com/art/Wow-New-Class-icon-180409282

What do you think?

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