30DC Gamer List – Day 10

When it said best gameplay on the list, I actually had to go and define it (handiest function on google ever – define:).  I think gameplay is one of those words that people use, meaning the strict game mechanics rather than the definition I found.  That’s been my experience (and the reason why I was confused).

Anyway, my choice for this is Radiant Historia by Atlus (my favourite game company ever – such an Atlus fangirl).  As to why, it is because of the decisions you make in games.  When I make a decision, I always wonder what the outcome would be if I chose the other choices.  In Radiant Historia, it’s all about the choices you make AND you have the ability to go back in time and choose the other option if need be.  The whole plot is about time and crucial moments of choice.  It actively encourages you to think about what choice you make, and it’s okay if you make the wrong one because you can go back and take a different path.

I intend to do a 100% run of this game.  You probably haven’t heard me use this term before.  It’s my way of saying that I want to complete the game to 100%.  In Radiant Historia, it’s the timeline and the events you experience.  In my first run, and only one so far, I managed to complete 82% of the events.  There’s a snazzy little timeline in-game that hints at where the other events are, plus I’ll be using a guide.


Image source: http://e-shuushuu.net/image/?image_id=405928

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