30DC WoW – Day 8

My favourite major city is definitely Silvermoon City.

The gorgeous spires, the golden railings, the pale walls and the rich red tiles.  I love how beautiful that city is.  For a metropolis that was built by hands (and not nature such as Darnassus, which came in a close second to Silvermoon), it certainly captures the essence of the Sin’dorei.

And to think the city that is there now is only half of what it used to be before the Scourge.  It makes me wonder what beauty was destroyed when Arthas marched through it on the way to the Sunwell.

I would have loved to have found some concept art for Silvermoon instead of just a game shot.  Hrm, maybe I should do some art myself or do some high res 3D models of it.  Another little side project for me.

There are 2 comments

  1. Dennis

    It´s also my favorite city in WoW. Some of my friends and me, we made silvermoon to our headquarters. It´s strange that such a beautiful design is not honored by too many players. Me and my friends are the only people in the city while all other do their things in Orgrimmar.

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    1. Retridemption

      Agreed. It is so beautiful. I also love all the little hidden rooms here and there. Maybe people think it’s just too far out of the way to wander around in. One thing I love about my server though (Moon Guard) is that there are ALWAYS people in Silvermoon. Some doing rather… devious things but it’s the roleplaying hub of the server on Horde side – the only exception to that is the inn in Valley of Honour in Orgrimmar.


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