30DC WoW – Day 7

Favourite male character

I thought about this one for a while.  While Thrall is probably the logical choice, I went with Cairne Bloodhoof.  I’m quite partial to the Taurens (mostly because I love the way the males look in World of Warcraft, with their hulking torso and big shoulders.  I felt like a tank running around on my shaman, ready to plow through anything).

As for Bloodhoof himself, his meeting with Thrall invokes a good memory of encountering him for the first time in Warcraft 3.  I can even remember the dusty canyon he and Thrall stood on the rim of as they told each other the current dilemmas of their respective races.

He’s more my pace of a leader.  Contemplative, wise, strong and tempers those with a gentle and noble soul.  He didn’t rush to his decisions, taking the necessary time to come to his choice.  I also liked the respect he had for his people’s traditions and their type of magic.

Yup, the Tauren Chieftain is the favourite male character for me.


Image source: http://arsenal21.deviantart.com/art/Cairne-Bloodhoof-156446003

What do you think?

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